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Particle Tutorial

Important Note: This article is strongly connected to an extern particle tool and tutorial collection and most links will guide you there: Github.

Particle Tutorial

The Particle Editor is a powerful tool that allows to create all kinds of particle effects, from ambient effects to projectiles up to HUD animations. So its definitely worth for everybody to learn how to create their own. Here you will learn the basics to understand the tool, as well as advanced techniques to master particle creation!

How to get started?‚Äč

This project should help you find your way into the world of particle effects. Several documents are available for this purpose:

  • The Particle Editor Guide, which contains detailed information about all possible areas of the Particle Editor and can thus be used both as an introduction and as a reference manual.
  • The Tutorials Page, a collection of step-by-step tutorials for complete beginners as well as some more in-depth and complex problems.
  • The Function Library, a collection of all knows functions with their usage and other useful information.

If you're completely new to this topic, it would be recommended to start reading the Particle Editor Guides topics The Tool and Functions. After that follow some basic tutorials from the Tutorials Page.