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Making any ability use charges

A guide/snippet which will help you to make any ability use charges like Shrapnel or Stone Caller.

First, add save this file with a name "modifier_charges.lua" to your vscripts folder (or any subfolder inside of it)

Then, add an initialization line to your addon_game_mode.lua:

LinkLuaModifier("modifier_charges", LUA_MODIFIER_MOTION_NONE)

If your file is into a subfolder you can do it like that

LinkLuaModifier("modifier_charges", "subfolder/anothersubfolder/modifier_charges", LUA_MODIFIER_MOTION_NONE)

Gratz, you've successfully installed it!

Now you can add charges to any ability with this code:

unit:AddNewModifier(unit, unit:FindAbilityByName("ability_name"), "modifier_charges", {
max_count = 2,
start_count = 1,
replenish_time = 6

The settings in the end are pretty self-explanatory. You can omit the start_count if you want.

That's it, folks.