Modifier Buff Tooltips - Newline, adding variables.

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I deleted the previous post in this thread since I solved it. I have decided to replace it with a question I still haven't been able to work out.

How can I add the following to a modifiers buff?

Newline. (\n\n does not show in the tooltip but also does not create a new line)

Variables from the AbilitySpecial.

Getting the total bonus MODIFIER_PROPERTY (for stacks). (Example if it's 2 damage per stack and there are 10 stacks. It will show 20). (MODIFIER_PROPERTY_XXX does work and scale correctly)

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    Alright, after some testing I have answered my own questions (again, yay me).

    I have added below an example buff tooltip as well as a screenshot showing what it does. Pretty cool that you can use basic HTML in it.

    enter image description here

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    How did you get the Buff Image modifier icon set up?

    Edit: Ah ha.

    function modifier_test:GetTexture()
        return 'phantom_assassin_blur'