[MOBA] Naruto Wars Unlimited

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I am the co-creator of a WC3 map named "Naruto Wars Unlimited" mostly known as NWU. I'ts a MOBA based on the Naruto universe. The WC3 map is still in active development and has a decent amount of players.

We have recently begun development on a dota2 version. You can follow the projects progress by viewing our github repository.

Currently the team consists of 9 people, with current roles as developers, designers and game-designers. We lack of experience in any aspect of dota2 reborn development. In fact, we only have one team member with experience Suzamaki, creator of Oddball. Besides this, no one has experience with model creation for d2 so we are trying to use the MDX models that are available in WC3.

Our initial progress has been in item development: descriptions, icons, names, tooltips, combinations, abilitites, etc. Now we're going to start (in parallel) the hero creation.

For a first release, we are going to:

  • Use a lot of Dota2 mechanics and terrain.
  • Develop 12 heroes (already decided which ones). This step includes exporting our MDX models and programming them in d2.
  • Develop almost every item available in WC3 version.

So anyone who want to help is welcome :smile:

Wish us luck!!