Modding Feature Request List

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Modding Feature Request List

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The list

  1. Lobby support for alternate team configurations
  2. Increase tolerances in netcode; currently too many matches fail (81% of Pudge Wars matches currently fail )
  3. Cooldown control finer than simply resetting the cooldown.
  4. Ability to disable/re-enable the normal constraints and controls on the camera.
  5. Don't freeze game ui when main menu ui is active
  6. Allow for more control over levels on spells, ie having a spell with 5 or 6 levels, and some ui to allow for lvl50 spells
  7. Spells with a manacost that is a % of the caster's total mana
  8. Expose something to change AbilityLayout
  9. Precache cosmetic models on demand when using ReplaceHeroWith
  10. Support for more than 4 tilesets
  11. Access to the removed (?) Unexplored mechanic
  12. Allow Item/Ability Texture Toggling
  13. Change the UI to display different CombatClassAttack and CombatClassDefend (Piercing, Chaos, Fortified, etc)
  14. 6.83 changed "Maximum Attack Speed increased from 500 to 600", give us access to this value.
  15. OnAttackDodged Modifier Event to detect that the caster dodged an attack (Currently OnAttacked only detects attacks landed, making it impossible to detect dodges without a hidden aura looking for OnAttackFailed)

    Penguinwizzard's Request List (copied from elsewhere)

  16. GNV Modification Functions in Lua

  17. Fix the building ghost particles
  18. Team relation support (e.g. allying teams, so that TARGET_FRIENDLY will recognize them as friendly)
  19. 32 ability slots per unit
  20. Increased limit on number of displayed modifiers
  21. Event hooking/canceling (this is the big thing that we had in SMJS and don't have now; this would simplify many things, since we could do things like cancel entity damage events)
  22. Keep RoyAwesome sane by documenting things that get added
  23. Proper UI cleanup between games (currently done by switching between S1 and S2 dota, but between games the scaleform still doesn't get cleaned up properly)
  24. More Hero IDs - would allow for modes extending base DotA more easily
  25. Addons being over pak_01 in the load order - allows for overriding some components more easily. - With S2Dota, the map's vpk is at the top of PATH as a GAME entry, resolving this.
  26. Map compiler deduplication - some assets are likely faster when deduplicated, but it may be applied to generally, inflating map sizes
  27. func_tracktrain support - really useful in tons of places
  28. Maya/Blender export plugin for maps
  29. Lua multi-threading - currently, since everything is in the main thread, it prevents long-running operations. Would also require threading primitives.
  30. Lua network I/O - really useful for a lot of cooler mods
  31. Don't store the mod tools image cache somewhere where it will get put into the mod.
  32. Heightmap modification at runtime - even if the actual level geometry doesn't change, having access to the heightmap array would allow for making some more dynamic levels more easily.

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