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The purpose of this post is to assist in finding contributors for your gamemodes, joining an ongoing project, and overall improving the collaboration between modders.
It also serves as a community tracker, to know what is everyone working on :smiley:

Want a spot in the list? Send me PM with your data on a pastebin, following this format.

Unreleased games in development

Name Description Developer contact Media
DotaCraft Recreation of Warcraft III RTS
Currently in Alpha
Noya - :steam: Steam :github: Repository
:moddota: Project Thread
Reddit - Twitter
This Cursed World Persistent ARPG-style gameplay
Revival of Median XL
Arhowk - :steam: Steam :github: Repository
:moddota: Project Thread
The Midnight Stand Classic Hero Siege w/custom heroes VicFrank - :steam: Steam
The Hunter Exams Based on HxH's Hunter Exams VicFrank - :steam: Steam
The Black Road Large persistent RPG
Currently in development
Aleteh - :steam: Steam :github: Repository
:moddota: Project Thread
Super Hot A gamemode where time is slowed
when you stand still.
Epitaque - :steam: Steam :github: Repository
The World Anew Persistent RPG
Based on The World RPG
Pizzalol - :steam: Steam :github: Repository
Escape from the Narrow Maze Find the killer type gamemode Pizzalol :steam: Steam
chrislotix - :steam: Steam
:github: Repository
ReIncarnation Persistent Class-tree ORPG
Currently in Open Alpha
Dreoh - :steam: Steam
JoBoDo - :steam: Steam
:github: Repository
Massive Online Monster
Battle Arena
Significantly randomized holdout
Currently in development
6opoDuJIo - :steam: Steam :moddota: Project Thread
Heaven Vs Hell MMORPG style hero arena
Reborn my war3 map
lucifekit - :steam: GVNLuci :github: hell_vs_heaven
:moddota: Proyect Thread

Feel free to suggest improvements to the way the entries are presented, I'll be updating it constantly.
Happy modding!

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