Workshop Tools Update - January 21st, 2015

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Make sure to post here if you find something changed and its not noted in this thread


  • Fixed crash in Hammer when double clicking on a prefab with no target map specified.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to view animation group files (.vagrp) in asset browser.
  • Fixed connection failures that would happen with certain unicode usernames.
  • Fixed spawngroup assertion on client where loading spawn groups were not included in the "initial spawn groups".
  • Fixed launch failures due to graphics device being busy on launch.
  • Added "Purge" script binding to npc_dota_base.
  • Added "GetDOTATime" script binding to CDOTAGamerules

Patch Size: 68.8 MB

The following function were added and already updated the API:

On BaseNPC: Purge, for more info about what this function removes refer to the Purge page in gamepedia

void Purge(bool RemovePositiveBuffs, bool RemoveDebuffs, bool BuffsCreatedThisFrameOnly, bool RemoveStuns, bool RemoveExceptions)

On GameRules: GetDOTATime, Returns the actual DOTA in-game clock

float GetDOTATime(bool IncludePregameTime, bool IncludeNegativeTime)

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