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Sup, guys.^^

I am just curious : is there anyone who would love to see **DragonBall moba **with heroes from Dragonball Universe with their unique abilities gathered into one place to fight each other in brutal moba way?

I think Dragonball moba, or at least DOTA2 custom map set in Dragonball universe could really work. I remember we had something like this in W3 but it was more adventure RPG map rather than competitive moba map, it wasn't that much popular despite being the only solid DBZ W3 Map. Another issue was that "Tribute" tried to represent more anime itself with overpowered, sometimes ridiculous abilities and lack of balance. With Reborn being released it might bring new era to anime custom maps (Like FateStayNight arena map we now have, which is sweet. Properly developed it can give something more than just another moba.

DragonBall Universe has plenty of interesting characters that kind have their roles Krillin support, Goku carry, unique abilities and etc. Game/Map could be introduced like a Multiverse Tournament event were every character could be even matched for entertainment purpose (no over powered characters with energy nukes, but more unique play style based on Dota).

Reason why I am posting this just to see if other people ever thought about it, because lets be honest: Dragonball Z fighting games are nothing but recycles nowadays and a new direction would be warm welcomed.

Feel free to brainstorm here. Lets have a discussion. Would you like to see it? What unique features it could offer? If not DBZ, which anime, in your opinion, has chance to become universe for moba content?


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    i think there was quite a nice rbg map in Wc3 where you could walk around and fight NPC's to lvl and there where diffrent factions wich had diffrent relationships and a competition every 10 min or so (like a 1vs1 fight)

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    Dbz tribute? The max map size isn't big enough to make tribute.

    If you have the models for the heroes and particles for the spells than I'm sure you can find a fan axe


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    Well I am thinking more of a Dota way map, than tribute. With lanes, jungle, base siege and etc. Glad that not only me remembers tribute :p

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    Worst case scenario with the hero models, there's a plethora of wc3 dbz models you could use.

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    Yes, skill effects also. It would probably turn out poorly balanced and ridiculous :D Yet still. maybe someone knows where to get models and other resources ?

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    Garrys Mod has models in Source 1 format. (probably more on the actual workshop)


    somebody would need to make animations for them in SFM or other programs though.

    If you are okay with the lower quality of wc3 models, but the benefit of already having animations, try hiveworkshop

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    Didn't check this forum for a long time, so I just saw this thread now.

    In jan this year I started working on some sort of DBZ gamemode for DOTA2. I managed to get very few cool features, but working alone is pretty hard. Also, I suck at LUA scripting and when I was doing this gamemode there were very few documentation about making gamemodes for DOTA2, so I stopped working on it.

    What I mostly did was port some Earth Special Forces models (including animations) to DOTA2 and replace some heroes.

    Well, I got 3 badly scripted abilities from DBZ world, such as Kamehameha, Kiblast and SSJ.

    Here are some gifs and pics showing off all my 1 week work : Goku skills Goku and Vegeta models Vegeta kiblast Goku running with haste Goku, Vegeta, Brolly Goku, Vegeta, Trunks Trunks

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    Nice! Gotta get those portraits updated

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    Yeah, I was just porting the models and playing around with a few .txt files (ability and heroes) when I started this. From what I remember, to get the models working I had to find a workaround so the models would get scaled right. I think it was the reason the portraits weren't working, just very tiny models.

    I'd like to note that, sadly, I lost the mod folder, but since it wasn't much advanced work I'm pretty sure I'd be able to redo all this again.

  • You can adjust an animation position and tie it to ACT_DOTA_CAPTURE to show the portrait without having to rescale everything.

  • Oh, cool, I'll mark this solution for a later time. There are probably many other ways to get it working properly. When I started the project I was mainly only focusing porting models and learning how data driven abilities work. Anyway, I might try again at a later moment if I ever finish modelling a few DBZ characters myself. I don't feel comfortable using models made by people I don't know.

    Anyway, this time I'm planning making characters very customizable as well (custom cosmetics and all).

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    Who :O I didn't know that someone already got his hands on dbz theme in dota :o How is it going? What is your mod status? :happy:

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    atm i'm not working on it anymore (also not sure if someone else is working on something similar), but if anyone is interested I might give it another try as long as I get some help, specially because I suck at lua scripting.

    I can provide 3d modelling/simple char animating and a bit of texturing/skill icons. I could try some data driven scripting also.

  • If anyone is still interested in trying to piece this together I'm learning the lua syntax for custom heroes/abilities at the moment. But this is definitely a huge task to go it alone.

  • I'd be happy to lend a hand with lua scripting/datadriven stuff (and a very shaky grasp on panorama/UI stuff :P), if people want. I've just been working on personal projects for the past couple months, but I have plenty of time to spare.

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    Well, I got 3 badly scripted abilities from DBZ world, such as Kamehameha, Kiblast and SSJ.

    Does your Kamehameha destroy trees and leaves charred/destroyed terrain? I am also interested what particles did you use if its not a secret :smile:

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    I'm not sure, I think I did something to make the projectile destroy trees but nothing more than that, the ground would stay the same if that's what you wanted to know.

    About the particles I just modified an existing one from Dota 2 (I used vengeful spirit armor reduction skill particle as base)

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    I made a spell similar to Kamehameha but I used powershot green particle and my spell destroys trees only when enemy units are hit :| . Kamehameha is very similar to DOTA WR's Powershot, but the code in Spell Library is too complicated and I didn't use it in the end: https://github.com/Pizzalol/SpellLibrary/blob/403a6bd90961f7fbf77b6aea3b7a78875d86d609/game/scripts/vscripts/heroes/hero_windrunner/powershot.lua

    That's why I was interested how you made that spell. Maybe you found an easier way to make it.

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    From what I can remember I just started one from scratch and it worked pretty well. I'll see if I can get back working on a DBZ mode for Dota2.

  • Hello, I am new to this site. I am very interested in this project. I unfortunately have no experience with Dota 2 Workshop Tools and I am not an experienced programmer either. I have however been conceptualizing a Dragon Ball Z mod via documents which I planned for either Starcraft 2 or Dota 2. After realizing both modding tools are out of my league, I thought it would be best to just submit my information to anyone who is willing to put it to use. I have worked on the details for over a year now, it features many well-thought-out and painfully balanced characters from the Dragon Ball franchise in a fast-paced arena style game mode with combat reminiscent to the series. Let me know if you're interested in checking it out and ill send you my documents. Feel free to use the information as a foundation for your project.