[Models] Buildings, Dinosaurs, and Vehicles, oh my!

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I converted a bunch of source 1 files from various places (Half Life, SFM, Team Fortress, etc) into source 2 models ready for use in custom games.

To install them, place the folder labelled game in the game directory of your addon, and the folder labelled content in the content directory of your addon.

Game 1 Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8i89shupxnijl3j/AABwl3SL0mP-DyCEIML6ZFJWa?dl=0

Game 2 Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/txlmc8k16u3o588/AAAke_i1JDDsE5lLInzmt5q-a?dl=0

Content Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1wqp9ntclhedsb2/AAC-P25QYImUzrDwKMLbGRlda?dl=0

Content 2 Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u2f6zqp7e9xzbu8/AAAIPLHZOLd7mujSxFDf9mBFa?dl=0

Note: All models have not had their animations linked with ACT_DOTA sequences.

Update: Ported more building models from Day of Defeat and HL2, as well as more vehicle models from Left for Dead 2.

Update 2: Split the files roughly in half so they can be downloaded again. Post if stuff goes wrong.


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    rawwwwr im a dinoseeur

    Is there any rhyme or reason to which assets you are converting? out of curiosity


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    Post an image gallery if you can. I'm downloading anyway :smiley:

    Edit: Did not disappoint.



    Note: props such as buildings have no bones (and as such, no hitboxes), would need to process them in any 3d editor for that

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    I would like to remind people that the models not from valve games should not be used without permission under any circumstances. Please do not muddy the waters of modding community with copyright material.
    For example the dino models look like they are from Dino D-Day and they are owned by 800 North and Digital Ranch.
    Happy though that we get half-life models. Thanks @Aardvark

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    All models were free content available with Source Filmmaker, so it should be gucci.

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    I'm unable to download the content files. After I press download, nothing is downloaded nor does a window appear to download.

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    The Zip is too big it says, maybe upload it to Mega or something instead :happy:

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  • this looks awesome

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    hey i got the models to work. But nearly all Dinos are turned by 90 degree and so they always look up in the sky and over half of there body is in the ground. Is there a way to chance it? I opend the vmdl file. But the rotait option wasn't usable. Also the dinos show movement in the Asset Browser, but ingame they don't move at all.