Custom list of items in shops

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I am trying to create 2 types of shops : a) a shop at base, which only sell around 10 items. b) a shop in the middle, which sell all other items and players can only use this shop when they are in range. I use npc_abilities_override.txt to define which items are available in which shops. Thus, the functionality is good.

The problem i am facing is how to display available items in correct shop. I am using shops.txt to define the interface. There are 2 solutions :

1) Secret shop at base and home shop in the middle. Problem : player can buy items from home shop without the need to come close to the home shop. Is there anyway to not allow players to buy items to their stash ?

2) Homeshop at base and secret shop in the middle. Problem : Secret shop only display at most around 15 items. Is there anyway to display more items in secret shop ?