Manipulate NavGrid during gamplay?

I assume it is impossible (due to needing to build it), but I shall ask in case.

Is it possible to create an entity during gameplay that affects the navigation mesh such as (but not limitted to); creating a prefab (.vmap) which has a clipping texture? The pathing gets quite unpredictable when using several objects with a hull bounds (BoundsHullName).

Alternatively, is it possible to create a square / rectangular hull bounds, short of creating an 'outline' of smaller dummy bases.


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    You can create a SimplePointObstruction object on top of the "thing" you want to build, this has the same effect as earth shaker fissure, and the creeps *if there are creeps will consider the point unpathable and therefore path around it.

  • Thanks, I'm testing it out now. I also found a really good example.