Addon_English.txt will only change the name of my addon, not unit names.

My addon_english.txt isn't working correctly. It will not change the names of my custom units. The weird thing is that it used to, literally yesterday it was working but I've tested it with other addons with other units and they won't use addon_english.txt to call names.

I tested it with the npc_neutral_kobold_etcetc to see if that would change to "siiigh" but it stayed Kobold. Also opened the template map and put a new entity down that should have had a name change but nothing happened. Opened up a completely different addon and copied over a unit but it still did nothing.

Each time I changed the addonname as well, to check to see if it was pulling that and it is doing that fine.

Using barebones as a base for all this.


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    Probably an encoding issue. Open it up addon_english in notepad++ and change encoding to UTF8 Without BOM and save it

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    Edit: Disregard that, I misread your post, Aleteh is probably right.

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    Using Sublime with the dotakv stuff. Just tried to change the name of Juggernaut to Spinner. That didn't work.

    Will attempt to change the encoding now.

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    In NP++ it already was using UTF8 WIthout BOM.

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    Then its a syntax error somewhere. In sublime change syntax to C and see where the color breaks

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    Good idea! I'll go do that meow.

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    That didn't show me anything. Here's my addon_english.txt

    "lang" { "Language" "English" "Tokens" {

    //NPC Bad
        "npc_badguy_Big_Troll_R"                    "Troll Geomancer"
        "npc_badguy_Big_Wolf"                       "Big Bad Wolf"
        "npc_badguy_small_Wolf"                     "Not So Big Bad Wolf"
        "npc_badguy_basic_zombie"                   "Stumbler"
        "npc_dbadguy_ranged_zombie"                 "Vomiter"
        "npc_badguy_boss_zombie"                    "Plaguelord Jerran"
    //Turrets and Traps
        "turret_scourge"                            "Scourge Turret"    
        "game_mode_15"              "BAREBONES"
        "addon_game_name"           "The Test Name 12"
        "npc_dota_hero_juggernaut"    "Spinner"


    NOTE: That d in npc_dbadguy is meant to be there. It's not intentional, I just haven't changed it.

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    It needs to be encoded in UCS2-LE, the UTF8 version is just to show github diffs (as UTF16 is taken as a binary file otherwise)

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