How to play dota 2 mods?

Hey, i wanna ask how to play dota 2 mods? like legends of dota.


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    How to play Custom Games:

    • Make sure you have the Dota 2 Workshop Tools Alpha installed.

    • Find the mod/map in the workshop that you want to play.

    • Subscribe to the mod/map and it will automatically download.

    • Once finished, start Dota 2 as usual. You will then find a button called "CUSTOM GAMES" beneath the "CREATE LOBBY" button on the left side.

      • If you want to host the map, either to play alone or with others, hit the "BROWSE BY" bar in the middle area and click "Subscribed Game Modes". Then you pick the map you want to play and click on "CREATE LOBBY". After that, it works just like a normal lobby. You can start right away if you want to play alone or create a password to make it available to other non-friend users. Each map usually has it's own password, like 'pudge' for Pudge Wars or 'lod' for Legends of Dota, so make sure you know the right password so people that want to play the map you are hosting can find it. The password can usually be found in either the description or the comment section of the map on its workshop page.
      • If you're looking for someone else hosting the map you want to play, just click on "FIND A LOBBY" in the main menu, then "PRIVATE LOBBIES" in the top-right and enter the password for the map you want to play, like those mentioned above, and click "FIND LOBBY".
    • If someone is hosting the map you want to play, lobbies should start coming up. Once you've joined a lobby and the host wants to start, he will load the map for himself before the rest of the players can load it. Because there's a tendency for people to use longer time to load custom maps than the regular one, someone should pause the game at the "Waiting for Players" screen to make sure people have enough time to load.

    I hope this helped.

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    у меня с модами всё хорошо , но где мне скачать zombie survival? where is i can downloud the zombie survival mod?

  • Please help me how to play LEAGUE OF DOTA?¡??????

  • How can I get the workshop alpha tool?

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    You go on the main menu to Search Lobby than to private lobbys and then the password for the custom games e.g. if you wanna play Lod its lod

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  • как поиграть с модами

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