[Hammer] Making skip/clip blocks out of models

This is the quickest but one very useful tip for Hammer map design.

When you drag a prop model into the map, it won't have any collision, so if you want heroes to walk over it or be blocked by it, you need to add a skip or clip block. You could make a very raw block like a neanderthal, but there is a better way that will maintain every edge on the model:

  1. Copy Paste Special (Ctrl+Shift+V with the model selected)
  2. Selected props -> Convert into Editable Mesh (Ctrl+Shift+T with the newly selected pasted model)
  3. Apply material (Shift+T)

That's it.

Thanks BMD for the gyfs

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    Thank you so much - this is exactly what I needed.

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    This is quite helpful, I was using clip blocks before but it seems this method will work better.

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    This doesn't seem to work properly for the wooden fences. I've attempted this but it keeps coming up with "Source content not available for one or more models, render data for used instead."

    I select the model, copy and paste special, ctrl-shift-T to change to mesh but that's when the above error pops up.

    I'm using wood_fence002 prop in the Hammer editor.

    Any theorys? Is it just because they have spaces in them and that needs to be blocked off as well?

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    So after some experimenting, it seems that it just doesn't like certain meshes. For example, the black spike fence only does half clip, and rocks are a bit jinky but you can fiddle with the meshes to get it as best as possible.

    Most square things are fine, it seems to just be fences and things with a lots of angled meshes.

    It's awesome tho, have put up walls that you can run right beside and my playchar follows it very nicely.

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    Just a word of warning, heavy use of this will significantly increase the file size of your vmap, as I and my co-coder have found out recently

    I would suggest only doing this only with things that are absolutely necessary, and just use regular blocks for most stuff

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    Examples of my failure

    I'm doing something wrong.

    See the middle of the image, the model with the blue crystal at the top of the tower. What I want is to preserve that blue crystal, but add collision.

    When I follow these steps, special paste, convert to mesh, apply material I get various results.

    1) The added collision is perfect. When I approach the object, the fog of war behind it is great. The shadow on the ground is great. The inability to pass is great. Love it.

    2) The new item is only a solid color, or some applied texture. I set "alpha" to 0, expecting that to make it invisible, but that doesn't work. (Whut?)

    3) I apply a few different textures, my hope is to use a transparent material so that the original design is kept, with the added collision. But, once I find a material that is transparent, the collision also fails (see the red "fog" mesh, as well as the checkered debug mesh. You can see there is no longer any collision.)

    4) The front one looks like a turd, which sums up my current feelings about this.


    Update: Ah ha okay. I see there is materials/tools/toolsskip.vmat

    This now disallows pathing, and is not visible, so the original model with the blue is showing.

    There is no fog of war behind it, but that's fine, I don't want that, it was just a fine byproduct of the previous attempts. I'm happy with this!

    So that's what SKIP meant. ;) I thought SKIP was a concept of blocking something off.