Modding Introduction

I made a tutorial at covering the absolute basics of modding, as well as setting up Sublime with the DotA 2 plugins, and installing Barebones.

Feel free to comment and suggest future tutorials! The next one I plan on doing will be on Panorama.


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    Very helpful! I'm luckily already past that point of learning, but I can imagine how helpful it would be.

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    Really great ! This tutorial covers really well all the basics and stuff you need to start Dota 2 Modding ! Continue making tutorials like that !

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    Thanks alot

  • hey man...i have reborn and workshop installed but i cant found premium to install it.Also it shows me only workshop-tools not beta tools

  • Dude!!!As iam totaly noob you helped me a lot and i am waiting the 'whole story'...ty!