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This is my first time creating a custom map with the Hammer Editor and everything seems to work right.. that is until I tried using the blending tool. Refer to the gyazo link for a picture.

For whatever reason, my painting/blending tool does not what to paint over the default green terrain. For example, in the orange circle I can't paint/brush anything on to it. In the yellow circle, I can't figure out how to make the tile edges smooth.

This could simply be my own fault for not knowing how to use the editor correctly but I have tried following the tutorials here:

Any help is appreciated.


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    Blending is usually done like this


    Dire - Dire to Radiant Transition - Radiant

    Some material sets doesn't have any transitions available

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Sorry, but I can't figure it out. The material set doesn't change for me so I'm stuck with the default material layers I guess. Also, the edges for the dire tiles doesn't want to smooth and blend for me.

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    Right, you have the normal Radiant tile on the left and the Dire tile on the right. Now go into paint blends and click Material Transition. Now select the Radiant to Dire Transition material set and then on your tile grid hold down "C" while you drag your mouse straight down the middle of the Radiant and Dire tiles. It wont show anything to start out with, but when you release the "C" key and just use the Material Transition brush, it should start to paint a smooth transition between the two.

    enter image description here

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