[TOOL] D2ModKit - Includes tooltips generator, KV combiner, and more

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Dota 2 ModKit Reborn

Download the latest version here!


D2ModKit has been almost completely recoded. When I first started the project, it was my first C# project ever. The code became pretty ugly fast, to the point where I had to ctrl+f through everything to find code that I needed. So, it's been recoded in a more smarter manner with better design in mind!


D2ModKit now utilizes the open source Metro WinForms framework for its UI. It's so beautiful, and it's the biggest motivation for me to do all this work on D2ModKit.

Reborn compatible.

D2ModKit has been updated to work with Reborn's new file structure.

Let's look at D2ModKit v2 in action:

Breaking up and combining KV files:

Forking a Barebones addon:

Generating tooltips:

Finding sound names:


Thank you to these people who have contributed to D2ModKit in some way during its lifetime:


If you feel that D2ModKit is worth some of your money, I'd gladly accept your donation!

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