Asset File Type Reference

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This list contains all the info for asset types with its related tools & guides explaining the formats.

Type .Extension S1 Equivalent Info, Format, Decompiler
Animation vanim smd .smd files are added to a .vmdl through the Model Editor to make .vanim files.
Animation Sequence vgarp ? ??
Map vmap vmf Hammer Files.
No decompiler known to humans yet, but it is rumored that a magical penguin is working on it
Material vmat vmt Made with .tga files in the Material Editor.
Decompiler: S2DC
Model vmdl mdl Decompilation Guide: MDL to VMDL Conversion
Mesh vmesh smd,dmx,fbx Defines the shape of a model.
Loaded to the Model editor to make a new model.
Particle vpcf pcf Decompiler: S2DC
No method yet known for PCF to VPCF conversion.
Sound vsnd wav Takes wav/mp3 files and converts them to this file through a .vsndevts
Sound Event vsndevts txt Sound Editor reads the Source 1 strings which are identical to the ones used in Source 2.
Guide: Adding and playing Custom Sounds
Texture vtex vtx Compiled out of .tga files.
Compiler/Decompiler: ModKit
Guide: Extracting and Compiling VTEX files

It will be updated as we get more knowledge and build more tools for file decompiling and conversion.

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    A note on the compiled formats in Source 2: There's 4 kinds of "compiled" formats that the source 2 engine uses. These are as follows:

    Type .Extension S1 Equivalent Info, Format, Decompiler
    Asset *.*_c Varies SVF (Stupid Valve Format) files. These are the compiled form of asset files. Source 2 gives these all the same format, which includes a significant amount of metadata describing the format of the contents of the files. For more information and decompilation, look at hmfd's work and Penguinwizzard's work
    GridNaV File gnv gnv This format is unchanged from Source 1; if you want to work with it directly, use GNVTool.
    Valve Compiled Shader vcs several Shaders, shader descriptors, and so on. There's a bit of work on reversing and analyzing these in Pwizz's decompiler
    Valve PaK vpk vpk Compiled File Storage. Open with GCFScape, edit with valve's VPK.exe or the soon-to-be-released ModDota VPK tool (which supports dedup and other advanced features).