Colorblind creep models?

Hi, I read the rules about override vpk. I am not sure where else to go, but if this is not the place, please tell me, and if you have any suggestions, that would mean a lot. The rule seems fairly black and white to me-- that this is specifically for source dota. Anything that changes base game models is not allowed. I am hoping you guys will see this as a bit gray, as I do not think that this is necessarily the same as many discussions that would fall under this category. Please hear me out before closing this topic, as there are files on this website in relation to it specifically.

In DotA, there is a colorblind mode. This colorblind mode makes it so that the health bar color changes, the minimap colors change, and (I believe) tread colors change slightly. These are all positive changes. However, the creep colors remain green and red. Several years ago, a modder named JayneHJKL reated a mod which changed this, by changing the radiant creeps to a blue/purple color. This functionality broke with the release of reborn. Another modder named penguinwizard was kind enough to restore the functionality, which has since broke. The mod can be found on this website at this link:

This mod no longer works. All I want is it's functionality restored. I am willing to pay money for the restoration of it's functionality. I would like for an avenue to be available so other colorblind players may be able to access this. This is a very large quality of life improvement, and I think that ModDota, considering the files are already existing on the server, would be an excellent place for it to be hosted and shared.

Thank you for the time, and sorry for the long-winded post. I absolutely love DotA more than I can explain. Without this mod, playing the game is far less enjoyable; and more difficult. I just want to be able to play DotA like I used to.


  • Apologies, this is not the version that had the functionality restored with reborn. I cannot locate that one. This one was a post override vpk fix, as stated in the file name.