How to change description abillity and lore?

Hello, guys! to me need to help

How to change decription abillity and lore + how to change name hero?!


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    u need a txt file with localisation in resource folder. f.e. 4 eng language it name should be "addon_english.txt" russian - "addon_russian.txt" main block is: "lang" { "Language" "English" "Tokens" { } } if u need rus language use "Russian" instead of "English" use this 4 abilities: "DOTA_Tooltip_Ability_ur_ability_name" "write Ur Ability name" "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ur_ability_name_Description" "write Description here" "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ur_ability_name_damage" "write some AbilitySpecial here" "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ur_ability_name_Lore" "write lore here" "DOTA_Tooltip_ur_ability_modifier" "Write modifier name here" "DOTA_Tooltip_ur_ability_modifier_Description" "write modifier description here" this one 4 heroes: "npc_dota_hero_abaddon" "u can change abaddon to any other hero, write it name here" "npc_dota_hero_abaddon_hype" "here is hero description on hero selection screen."

  • Thank!

    And how to change the name of the character?

  • Ooops sorry!