Particle Effect Only Partially Attaches

I have been attempting to have a modifier simply attach Omniknight's Guardian Angel particles (omniknight_guardian_angel_omni.vpcf) to a unit. The "cyliner" effect (omniknight_guardian_angel_ally.vpcf) follows the unit but the "wings" (omniknight_guardian_angel_wings.vpcf) only appear and do not follow the unit. I have determined that the wings are linked to Control Point 5, but that the control point affects the relative position, not motion in any way (so I can use it to place, but not keep the wings at the location of the unit).

~~~local particle_to_use = "particles/units/heroes/hero_omniknight/omniknight_guardian_angel_omni.vpcf" self.particle = ParticleManager:CreateParticle(particle_to_use, PATTACH_ABSORIGIN_FOLLOW, self:GetParent())

ParticleManager:SetParticleControl(self.particle, 0, self:GetParent():GetAbsOrigin()) ParticleManager:SetParticleControl(self.particle, 5, self:GetParent():GetAbsOrigin())~~~


  • For some reason I can't edit the above that posted accidentally while formatting, so here is the rest:

    Tinkering with other Control Points has had no effect. As someone quite new to particle manipulation, I assume there is simply something I am missing, but web searches have been to no avail, so I would appreciate any assistance.

  • Try to replace SetParticleControl with SetParticleControlEnt. Also, you may read this article, here explained all and everything about particle attachment:

    local parent = self:GetParent()
    ParticleManager:SetParticleControlEnt(self.particle, 5, parent , PATTACH_ABSORIGIN_FOLLOW, "attach_hitloc", parent :GetOrigin(), false)
  • That was the first thing I tried, and that articles "explanation" of SetParticleControlEnt amounts to: "Sometimes this function does things that are necessary."