Little help with setting map and item description please?

So, i almost finished my first mod, there are just few things I still don't know. The most important, when i tried to upload my mod, it uploaded 26 maps and the default one is "error". The mod works if i switch to other maps.

In the gameplay itself, I need all players to start with item i created in inventory.

Besides it, I need to add icon to the buff from my item(once item disapear from inventory, the image of the bugg also blanks) and set buff's desription. I know it should be in addon_english, i managed to set the name of the buff, but cant figure out how to make description.


  • Alriight, I figured out the map problem.

    Also, i forgot to add: How to edit gold and exp per creep and passive gold income?

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    Try building the map

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    You will have to use barebones.

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    You won't have to

    Creep exp and bounty can be edited in the npc_units file and passive gold income can be altered without all of barebones

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    To give a player item on start paste this bit of code in the gamemode.lua file

      local item_1 = CreateItem("item_youritem", hero, hero)

    didn’t test this but this should work.