npc_bot, skill activation error


I have a problem while i'm trying to build a project.

In my game i will have some heros/neutrals with active skills.

Well i'm working with lua scripts inside vscripts. Lets say we have lina, i wrote a script to auto cast abilities. Its working by i have 2 problems.

1st: When the hero is activating the skill (Dragon Slave) the sound and the hero movement works, but the skill's animation is not. 2nd: When the hero is activating the skill (laguna blade) everything works fine but the damage does not applies to the enemy hero.

I change the files inside npc folder -> npc_abilities_custome.txt, i wrote the ability -> npc_hero_custome.txt , i wrote the hero with his abilities

and i also have the lua file inside the vscripts auto activating the skill for the bot hero.

What i'm doing wrong and what else do i need? I hope that i helped u enough to understand my problem, i hope to can help me.

Thank you