DOTA2 MOD Helper

Hello, I am totally new in this forum since I spend my projects at shady mod forums, but I just want to share something that might help you modding dota2. I created a automation tool that will help everyone to generate mods automatically without the use of internet. I call it DOTA2 MOD Master

I know that majority of all has internet all the time. But there will always be consequences, server breakdown, downloaded mods from the internet are outdated/broken inside the game. But this tool can generated over 5000+ cosmetic items extracted from your “pak01_dir.vpk” for just 5 minutes(depending on your computer).

The mission of this tool is everytime you make a mod, it makes sure that when you finally construct a mod, all files will be fresh and updated from the time you generated them.

Its always exhausting to open gcfscape and open pak01_dir.vpk in order to extract the files you need. So dont worry. Let DOTA2 MOD Master do the work for you

But basically, every tool has their limitations: - can only generate .vmdl_c and .vcpf_c files - still does not support generating .vmat_c files -This tool is “items_game.txt” dependent. Any references that does not exist on the items_game.txt will not be detected(that ‘s the reason why “material” files are not supported yet) -models that dont have default alternate item slot(eg morphling’s helmet) will not be extracted -models that have alternate/dynamic animations(commonly arcana heroes that have alternate animations when arcana mode) will not function properly

But even though all those limitations, this tool becomes a great help to me generating my mods, custom sets. Ect. Not just that, this tool Has many features too, like external files, Migration System, custom database lists,ect.

If you are curious about what this Tool do in actual. Try watching this:

External File System

DOTA2 All Hero MOD showcase Generated by DOTA2 MOD Master

Organizing your MODs using a Database List

You can Download the Tool on the Description of those videos.