Prop Hunt for Dota 2

Here to announce the release of Props VS Robots!

I have basically recreated Prop Hunt for Dota 2, with a few quirks.


  • The Props: Sneaky fellas who are looking to survive the round by disguising themselves as props found within the map (perfectly reasonable to run around as a nice set of candles though, I won't judge).

  • The Robots: Cold-blooded killing machines who want nothing more than to end the shenanigans of those blasted Props by utilising their array of deadly beam weapons.

The game supports up to a max of 8 players (5 Props, 3 Robots) and currently has 5 maps to play on (more to come in the future).

It has been great fun beta testing the game with friends, now hoping to get a wider audience involved for more of the fun times.

Check it out here: