Pure Lua abilities library

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Hi, I'm new here, but I have been modding for a long time (to waste time), mainly creating spells.

Currently, I'm creating a library for pure Lua abilities of Dota 2's actual abilities. I know about SpellLibrary, but it requires additional events from gamemode. What I am currently make is the one which uses "ability_lua" class.

Why? I was disappointed with Valve removing Rubick's casting animations! So, I create my own Spell Steal with Rubick's custom animations (still imperfect), and recreate other spells along the way, full with effects and sounds (and also issues).

Check it out here: https://github.com/Elfansoer/dota-2-lua-abilities

I also created tutorials for creating Lua spells on another site here. I created the tutorial there because they have a lot of nice hero design, but no actual implementation for them; I want to help them build their own hero.


  • Hi! Some of the other modders have already started a similar project: https://github.com/ModDota/AbilityLuaSpellLibrary

    I'm sure they will be happy if you contribute, I see you have a lot of stuff done already.

    I would recommend joining moddota discord https://discord.gg/xtKwdty if you want to collaborate

  • Ah. I don't have a Discord account, and don't plan to have one.

    The library is interesting, but somehow I can't follow the convention there.

    I didn't group spells based on the heroes they are on, since I create abilities with "what if this is for Ability Draft?" in mind. (And what if Rubick steal this spell...)

    Furthermore, in my opinion creating separate files for separate classes (ability and modifiers) somehow makes them more organized.

    If you want to copy them, feel free to do so. Not the custom abilities, though; ask the hero designer's permission first in dotafire.