I need help with shop

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So i want to have 5-8 shops, now how should I do it, I do trigger area,models... but dont know how to add in shop.txt name of that shop here is example:(also every shop has different items)




{ "custom_shop1" {

// Consumables



"item" "item_clarity"

"item" "item_faerie_fire"

"item" "item_enchanted_mango"

"item" "item_flask"


    // Attributes
        "item"      "item_branches"
        "item"      "item_circlet"  

    // Armaments
        "item"      "item_ring_of_protection"
        "item"      "item_stout_shield"
        "item"      "item_quelling_blade"


this is not working so how should i call it(that shop); TNX