PUBG CROSSOVER. Memes Edition.

PUBG CROSSOVER is the answer to what would have happened if we combined the best mods of DOTA 2 and some mechanics from PUBG !

Rules of the game: -For the moment, you can choose one of 31 characters. -The choice of the same characters is available! -Each 60 seconds the blue zone tapers to the center. If you go beyond the blue zone, you will lose your health! -On the meeting with the 10th second five minutes at 8 points on the map appears boxes that contain useful things. -In the center is a doctor who can make up health and mana.


Number of players: 10 Duration : 12-18 minutes Points for Win: 45

Everyone plays for himself


Number of players: 10 Duration: 12-18 minutes Points to Win: 90

Teams of two players.


Number of players: 9 Duration of the match: 12-18 minutes Points to win: 30.

Everyone plays for himself. But every night, players team up to protect themselves from zombies!


Number of players: 1-2 Duration : 0-60 minutes Deaths for lose: 5-10

Mode for players who want to play alone or with a friend. In this mode boxes with supplies are cut off and blue field is narrowed. Next wave becomes stronger than the previous one. Waves of zombies are endless!