How to rotate unit (model) in game but in custom_units

So few days ago i saw somewhere that is posible to rotate unit in game like building it was something like this;

    "Model"              "models/props_structures/good_barracks_melee001.vmdl"
    "ModelScale"             "0.8"
            "XXXXXXXXX"                    "90"

so what is xxxxxxx it was something like model rotate, but i realy dont remember help please.


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    i dont think thats a thing. but there is this.

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    maybe i'm missing something here, but whats the point of defining a rotation inside a kv file?

    if you want to rotate a unit or building at the start of the game , u can just put , if hero = blablabla then rotate() in your gamemode.lua file

    prretty sure there are lua functions for rotation, or you can make your own rotate function, with setforwardvector() or something