can play mod in workshop tools mode, but not in regular dota.

I don' have a lot of information.

I can play mod in dota workshop tools.

Whenever i try to start a lobbdy for my mod in normal dota it just doesn't work, after every one presses rdy, it just goes back to the lobby, it never goes further than that.

Also when i tried to copy my mod to a new mod with copy from exisitng mod, i get an error code 1. and it says that i can't copy it.

It did work a while ago (about 2 weeks i guess).

Is this a new update thing? has anybody else had similar experience / solution? i Assume there is nothing wrong with my code because it works in tools, but i can't be 100% sure about that


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    NICE! figured it out, i tested one of my other mods, which was also in "only friends" visibility and that had the exact same problem. So i am pretty sure that if i change visibility to public, it is gonna work. The only problem is that i don't wna do that, bc i only want people to see my mod when it is finished, i wantedto create some sort of a "release day".

    Any solutions to this? why cant i open a lobby if my mod is in only friends visibility mode?

  • Valve / Dota broke it when they forced all custom games to be hosted on their dedicated servers; since the server can't download your map, it can't host it. There's no "solution" until Valve allows you to pick how you want to host it (server vs local) - which may never happen. It will work if you make it public (tried and tested), and you can set it to off public as soon as you're done.

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    okido thanks for the clarification!