Mod crashes Dota

Hey, I've recently noticed that my mod tends to crash the game when played with the normal Dota 2 client, but not when played using the workshop tools. It happens right after a hero is selected and I'm clicking the "SKIP AHEAD" button to enter the game in state DOTA_GAMERULES_STATE_STRATEGY_TIME, but the crash never seems to happen in tools mode. The console doesn't seem to give much information either, other than the fact that the game state doesn't seem to get to change from DOTA_GAMERULES_STATE_STRATEGY_TIME to the next state, before crashing. After that, Steam apparently needs to update Dota or something before I can releaunch it. Has anybody else experienced this or is it just me?


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    For anyone interested, it seems that it was Valve's fault all along according to the last patch notes:

    • Custom Games: Fixed a bug where loading into a custom game would occasionally fail to find the necessary files (resulting in a crash or missing interface elements)

    It seems like the problem is fixed from my own experience too.

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    bless Valve!