new errors from spring cleaning update?

seems like valve finally listened to us and started doing some work on custom game needs. i heartily welcome the new dedicated server allocation, along with the other things, but it seems like with every update, the inevitable break happens.

one such problem i've been getting that hasn't happened before is

[   Developer         ]: scripts\vscripts\utils/vscriptinit.lua:119: Attempt to call OnPlayerConnect which is undefined
[   Developer         ]: stack traceback:
[   Developer         ]:    [C]: in function 'error'
[   Developer         ]:    scripts\vscripts\utils/vscriptinit.lua:119: in function <scripts\vscripts\utils/vscriptinit.lua:117>
[ W VScript           ]: Script Runtime Error: scripts\vscripts\utils/vscriptinit.lua:119: Attempt to call OnPlayerConnect which is undefined
[ W VScript           ]: stack traceback:
[ W VScript           ]:    [C]: in function 'error'
[ W VScript           ]:    scripts\vscripts\utils/vscriptinit.lua:119: in function <scripts\vscripts\utils/vscriptinit.lua:117>

any solutions? seems like they've deprecated a function call


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    ListenToGameEvent('player_connect', Dynamic_Wrap(GameMode, 'OnPlayerConnect'), self)

    i assume you are talking about this game event.

    i believe that error implies that you don't have a OnPlayerConnect function anywhere

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    ugh, yeah. it's my bad. haven't been modding for a long time, and coming back to code that was in the middle of refactoring... lol ty

    and it looks like SetPoseParameter still doesn't work, welp

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    Does anyone know what happened to my game? It started after the update and I think it's because of the transfer to dedicated servers. On the local server the game works fine. The console writes that there is no file modifier_movespeed but it is. scrn1 but sometimes it loads and the console writes this. scrn2

  • This is happening to a lot of games, the fix is to reconnect to the game.