Roshan Defense

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Always liked to play in the warcraft, the cards where you need something to protect. The card is considered to be the "Heroes of the Empire" card there is absolutely everything that attracts to the map of this genre, I consider the only "minus" for a long time of the party (on average 2-3 hours). Due to the fact that the probability of finding a card in the genre "Hego Defense" in Dota 2 is extremely small, I decided to make my own with blackjack and buns.

Number of players: 1-5

Genre: Hero Defense, Survival

Playing time: 30-90 minutes

You are fighting on the side of Roshan. To increase the army you need to destroy the bosses. Each hero belongs to any faction of neutrals: tini - golems, ursa - bears, etc. Each hero has an inherent specialization in the unit of his faction, just like in Heroes of the Sword and Magic (hello to the oldfags) The main enemy is Undead. A heap of neutrals on the map, will not make bored lovers jungling. The map has not been improved in many respects, but it's not for long!

I apologize for the lack of many descriptions, I will fix it soon.