[BUILD 4] My prealpha Worldsmith in-depth run

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Some thoughts on Build4

  • At first run, set default to addon_template with all the default units
  • Have New > Addon be "New Addon...", "Open Addon..." "Save Addon..."
  • Make a button bar? Reference: http://i.imgur.com/sa134Fl.png
  • For the Open Addon tool, should probably just make a list of the addons folders found in dota_addons/
  • Missing:
    • attach_hitloc (particle EffectAttachType)
    • DOTA_UNIT_TARGET_OTHERS (not really useful but its used on abaddon death coil)
  • Don't make it necessary to double click the element, single click selection should be enough.
  • When selecting a unit, keep the current place where the cursor was placed (i.e. if I'm editing Bounds for unit1, I change to unit2 and I'd still be in bounds)
  • Heroes Default has a bunch of other non hero units (I saw this on the issues)
  • Same with overriden heroes going in Units
  • Tabs are nice. Reference http://puu.sh/dwWEq/6f31dcc0e8.png
    • Nobody edits items/heroes/abilities at the same time
  • Make the folders right-clickable to allow creating new folders that allow for categorizing units instead of a giant list.
    • For this, the files could be split and made into the folders while keeping them all merged in npc_* or just make the folders internal to the editor.
    • Alternatively have it split in BaseClass, npc_creature npc_building "IsConsideredHero" units ("Creep Heroes"), etc.
  • Get strings from dota_english for the default units.
    • This could lead to a "Display Values as Raw Data" (Ctrl + D WC3 toggle Reference http://puu.sh/dwX3f/308888da97.png) that has the real values instead of translated strings.
  • Should also be possible to edit addon_english (or addon_[current_language]) for everything.
  • Love the values being automatically editable as soon as selecting them. However, double clicking them should bring a small centered window that helps you edit the value, currently the comcombo box button is only convenient if not running it in FullScreen, and bitches love full screen. http://puu.sh/dwXxP/546c849e03.png becames http://puu.sh/dwXzC/f7dadd83e4.png
  • There is no need for the 2 columns to have the same width, as you already know what the 1st column values lenght is. Make the first column a bit stretcher. Reference http://puu.sh/dwXnX/23cdc419d0.png
  • Keyvalues should probably be organized in a more logic way instead of the default alphabetic order, focusing on putting the more important keyvalues on top (just a random thought, haven't really think much about this)
  • Ctrl+F Search
  • I suppose the Action List and other more complex editing is uncomplete. http://puu.sh/dwXXy/6e57ac8640.png
  • "Create New Custom Ability" http://puu.sh/dwY2O/7fb792e502.jpg -> http://puu.sh/dwXZS/244d852302.png check http://moddota.com/forums/discussion/23/spell-library

Question: Can .vmap be read and edited without Hammer?

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    I added most of these to the Worldsmith issues page.

    There are a few things I don't want to do though.

    I disagree. The way I have it set up is you have an 'Object Browser' which is a one-stop shop for all of the objects you want to edit. When you open an object to edit it, the editor is placed in a tabbed document area. Build4 does not have these changes, but that's the workflow I want to go for.

    I think it's more modern than the WC3 editor, and it fits the Dota style a bit better. You will also be be able to directly edit the key-values with this system.

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