What Does A Hero Truly Need? [Allstar Anime Hero Arena]

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Hey guys, just wanted to show that I've been working on a custom map. Essentially I've been working on this map in my free time, and I've been working on it for the past year or so (started around summer 2015 actually), haven't gotten really far but making custom maps has been a lost hobby of mine since warcraft 3 (I was part of a development team for an anime map called anime battle characters and haven't done anything since) so this is going to be a long term investment for me. It's going to take a long time for this map to be made, but hey, its pretty fun for me so whatever.

Its just a basic 4v4 hero arena, get [x] amount of kills to win the game, and eventually implement a boss or two that will allow you to upgrade and customize your hero by either gaining a new ability or upgrading an existing one upon killing said boss (think of it like a talent tree upgrade but you get to pick one out of 4 upgrades or something). The characters will primarily be anime heroes from a variety of different shows, but not exclusively. Think 90% anime, 10% whatever else.

I've learned alot of things while doing this project. I learned how to use Z-brush and maya to create models, as well as using the hammer editor to create the map. But I'm still learning and want to learn new things like how to create custom particles, animation, etc.

The progress so far is:

Number of completed high-res Z-brush sculpts = 12
Number of completed low-poly version models = 2
Map Completion = ~85% (in terms of purely just the terrain)

Current Hero list:

Naruto (naruto)- Z brush sculpt completed, _Low poly completed_
Luffy (one piece)- Z brush sculpt completed, _Low poly completed_
Edward Elric (full metal alchemist)- Z brush sculpt completed, _Low poly completed_
Saitama (one punch man)- Z brush sculpt completed
San (princess mononoke)- Z brush sculpt completed Low poly in progress
Light (death note)- Z brush sculpt completed_Low poly completed_
Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)- Z brush sculpt completed_Low poly completed_
Simon (gurren lagann)- Z brush sculpt completed
Gutz (berserk)- Z brush sculpt completed_Low poly completed_
Soma (shokugeki no soma)- Z brush sculpt completed
Toguro (yu yu hakusho)- Z brush sculpt completed, _Low poly completed_
Spike (cowboy bebop)- Z brush sculpt completed_Low poly completed_
Gilgamesh (fate stay night) - Z brush sculpt completed
Gintoki (gintama) - Z brush sculpt in progress

So yeah, that's what I've got so far. Basically all I can create is assets so if anyone wants to help with coding, lets talk! If anyone wants to help with making custom particles, rigging and animation, lets also talk!

Anyways, I'll be updating the map super slowly. And I'll be uploading my progress here. Dont' expect them to be frequent, but they'll be coming.

Edward Elric Low Poly Naruto Low Poly Luffy Low Poly Toguro Low Poly Hisoka and Spike Low Poly Guts Low Poly DeathNote Low Poly


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    You could potentially save yourself a lot of modelling and animation time if you installed Source Filmmaker, they have tons of models. Also (I am not sure how though) you can probably rig them to standard Half Life animations, so you can get at least decent run/die/shoot/slash animations for free.

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    all the highs & lows

  • well in terms of the modeling, I don't think source filmmaker has the models I would be looking for. But yeah, it does take a lot of time making this stuff.

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    update* finished 2 new heroes (4 models total)

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    managed to finish 2 more models. Spike and Hisoka. kind of fucked up Spike's face XD

  • Finished Guts from berserk!

    Hoping to manage to finish 3 more before the end of the year.

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    finished Kira (Light) and Ryuk from DeathNote. doubt i'll be able to finish another guy before the holidays TT