Can it be modded so that same-type items do not have shared cooldowns?

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Hi, I'm new to modding dota.

I am making a troll game mode for my friends and the purpose of the whole game is that a refresher orb can refresh a refresher orb. Since items of the same type have shared cooldowns, I am unable to find a way to make it work.

I do have a few ideas:

  1. make a lua script which would either remove the entire shared cooldown concept or force the refresh on all items
  2. make another refresher orb (So that there is a Blue Refresher Orb and a Red Refresher Orb which you COULD further combine) although I do not want to modify the game that significantly.

quick notice:

This is my first contact with lua programming language, although I am programming with other similar languages. I only need help with understanding the API and how it works, so if you could explain why certain stuff is written at that exact place, I'd be very grateful.

Is there a way to make something like this possible?


  • well, u could realise this a little bit lasy: create 2 different custom refresher items (they can have the same showed names and descriptions)