Sound For Last Hit

Hello, everyone, I recently need the sound when you get last hit (and I think it's the same as when you pick a gold bag), so where can I find it? Could anyone please tell me the exact file path to access this sound file and which part should I use... Looking forward to your help, thank you very much in advance (`・ω・´)


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    Sorry, I may mislead you guys...I mean, I wanna the sound when you sell the item, the same sound as pick a gold bag, as many current custom game have...I just wanna know the actual file path, name and how could I use it by EmitSound() function... Thank you ~~~ (I typed 'sell', 'gold' and even 'money' in asset browser to filter but all failed to find out...ヽ(*。>Д<)o゜)

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    OK...Anyone have idea?(`・ω・´)

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    Oh...I fixed it, thank you all...

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    how did you fix it?

  • Maybe Listener ?!

                    ListenToGameEvent( "entity_killed", Dynamic_Wrap( main_mode, 'OnEntityKilled' ), self )