Dota 2 Custom Mods Break

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Hello everyone.

I'm here to start a discussion, depending, a campaign, etc, for that updates to Dota 2, have way to avoid and break less the custom modes. I already tried to make mods, I already made things work with tutorials, etc. But nothing to do a that satisfies me, and others ... I wish you to comment on the subject and improve the modding quality (encouraging Valve, to have less of these problems and / or making way to do mods without depending on Valve).

I think that I am have some diseases, careful to post here. With will to post this, and wish help.


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    I think I have some diseases, careful to post here.

    Get that checked out!

    Seriously though I wouldn't expect anything from Valve for Custom Games until at least after TI7. In the mean time build the best content you can!

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    I think I have some diseases

    Nice Ingrish or usage of google translate.

    On topic:

    If I understood correctly, you want us to discuss what we can do to make mods (custom games) less buggy, more enjoyable and immune to Valve updates that often break custom games.

    If you want an unbreakeable custom game: Make everything from scratch, but that's not easy and its time consuming.

    If you want an enjoyable custom game: Make something original, fun and not buggy. But it must not contain many units on the map and must be optimized to work on any computer.

    My suggestion to Valve: Update custom game examples and add more tutorials.

  • you forget the most important GIVE US PROPER DOCUMENTATION !

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    I do not remember, so much trouble in Warcraft 3 involving upgrades. I've seen broken maps, etc. But not close to Dota 2. I think that Dota 2 offers for modding, have less limitations, in however, community (not despising) do until make until example of Lua script skills of heroes . Dota 2, I think it still offers little to make it public target to do modding on it.

    The argument, starting from 0 ok? But I think starting from 0, with teams (optional), has less trouble about software updates, which is needed like operating system, drivers, etc. That the Dota 2. Still indie game involve more professionalism. Earning money from game sales, etc.

    you forget the most important GIVE US PROPER DOCUMENTATION !

    Can you explain it in more detail?

    Off - Subject

    I made a lot of effort to post here, I feel joke nasty against me. Without bad intention, but this one of the positive score of Hive (respect) I think, with this forum, here depend humor is in front of respect.

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    Warcraft 3 had about 40 patches in total in 7 years. Dota is patched hundreds of times each year.

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    Don't compare Warcraft 3 (Blizzard) with Dota 2 (Valve). Warcraft 3 (probably Starcraft 2 as well) has a noob-friendly and relatively stable World Editor. Even someone with zero programming knowledge can make an interesting map in Warcraft 3.

    When Blizzard updates their games, they update their world editors as well. Valve doesn't do that, guess why - laziness? lack of interest? or they cannot profit of custom games?

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    Why can not I compare them? If Dota 1 I think was born because of the World Editor. As you said, even a person who does not know how to program can do something interesting. In fact, I did not know and I do not know, I've already done (I consider) fun maps for me, friends, people on the network. I think this thing positive World Editor of Warcraft 3, but I do not know, if it gives of for balance the ease of the World Editor with less limit. But in end, Blizzard I think will return to update Warcraft 3.

    Valve, I think it's good to improve modding. That depends, I feel if I continue (I may be wrong) that custom modes, will have little different from the default style. And a few excesses, will have fun on general with the custom modes and / or very different from the default game.

    @Sarynth I think I've already had a lot of trouble with the breaks, and I think that take a lot of time to doing the things that stands out in Legend of Sarynth mode.

  • I found a small bug, but I do not know where to write, so I write here when you play for WD and talents choose Woodoo restoration as an aura, and you do not have it turned on, then do not turn it on, I apologize through the translator.