Custom Hero Horde mode, looking for coding partner

Hi im a 3D art and environment game designer. I've come up with an idea for a custom game type where you face of against an increasing horde of undyings as a group of four heroes but with a custom skill builder (much like legends or together we stand) The difference in this map is that you have a tiered level to fall back on with various choke points of decreasing size and the zombies all come from the same direction. I've finished the basic design and the map is fleshed out and built but i lack any Lua coding skills so there is zero game play. That would be your roll if your interested. My role would be creating interesting custom models to spruce up the game. I'm currently working on a animated brain for an ancient which is what your final defence is. This would most likely be a non-profit or small profit and i'm more than happy to split any profits down the middle if there are some. Please feel free to drop me a message or reply here if you have any questions or are interested.


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    Based on dota abilities?

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    yeah exactly. Try and make cool and fun builds as a team to beat the horde

  • I quite like your idea. I am currently a programming university student and want to create a custom map as a side project. If you do not mind my lack of experience, I am quite committed to start the project and making sure to finish the project and publish it.

    Please let me know if you are interested in partnering up.

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    I can write some code. I'm a software developer & have been doing this for 3 years. Always wanted to be a game programmer.