Destroy the Tower

Hello guys, today I'm happy to announce that my first ever custom game 'Destroy the tower' is now operational and available to download and play for Steam Workshop.

There's still a lot of work to be done but basic version is already working fine and can be played.

The idea of this gamemode is: there are 2 teams (5 players each) and one tower on the map. Teams can fight each other or farm neutral creeps that are located all around the map but the main objective is to destroy the tower. That's not an easy thing to do because the tower has a lot of hp, regen, armor and attack damage, but once it falls, the team to deal the last hit is victorious.

Features/differences from normal Dota: * Max level for all heroes is 50. * Exp per level is set to 150 on all levels. * Max level for all abilities (including ults) is 7. * Every ability is changed/reworked in some way. * Starting gold and passive gold income significantly increased. * Death time is always 15s in case of death to enemy heroes and 25s in case of death to neutrals or to the tower. * No death gold penalty, no buybacks.

Currently there are 12 heroes and 1 map available to play and these numbers are yet to grow.

Big thank you to people from Moddota's discord for helping a noob like me, without them none of this would be possible :highfive:

Workshop Page

Thanks for reading through!