Panorama error

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to start using panorama for a mod I'm making, but I'm getting a tone of errors every time I add a custom_ui_manifest.xml.

No matter what manifest I add, I get parsing errors in files like dashboad.css, play.css and some others. Since those files don't exist I assume they are compiled somewhere, but I'm not sure how I would interact with them.

All these errors just occur when I open the Dota 2 - Tools, not when I start the game regularly.

Does anyone have any ideas?


  • have you tried verifying your game cache?

  • Yes, but that didn't help. The issue only occurs in Dota 2 - Tools and only when there is a custom_ui_manifest.xml.

    It seems like this somehow triggers an additional compile run or something.

    I reinstalled the tools today, but that didn't help. Does someone know if there are any additional panorama files for the original game? I was thinking that the tools might recompile them whenever I start messing with panorama.

    For clarification the parsing error message states things like: "Failed to set property value (property=color)(value=baseText)" Almost all the properties are colors or background-colors and the value usually looks like a type or a name eg. baseText or HeroSlotColor0 to 9

  • post your manifest I guess?

  • So I figured out what was causing the errors although I can't make sense of it. When using the barebone panorama files I noticed that the error occurred only when I added my panel, and it's .css file, which I named dotastyles.css. That name seems to be taken and caused all the issues. So I changed it and all works fine. God how I love these kinds of errors :(