MEME HERO CHALLENGE - An overthrow custom game made entirely by the modding community

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Announcing a project to create a custom game based on the popular strand of meme overthrow games but made entirely by dota 2 modders.

Everybody is encouraged to submit a hero, and there is no requirements on complexity or depth, although they should try to be "memey", whatever that means. The plan is to wait until we have 112 heroes done, and then to upload it to steam. Baumi has already submitted his hero idea and has said he will give it a play when its done. This should hopefully be a completely community run project.

After most heroes are done, everybody who submitted a hero gets to vote on which hero they liked best (sorry cant vote for your own) in the following categories:

Most Memey: The hero that is best representative of typical meme overthrow custom games.
Most Original: The hero which is most unique in its originality.
Most Simple yet Effective: The hero which is most very simple yet ingenious.
Most Technically Challenging: The hero which is most technically proficient.

This is mainly for bragging rights, but as a small sweetener, any winner of any category will also win 25 USD.

For more details please check out the GitHub and start thinking of memey hero ideas:


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    f-ing awsome bro, sign me up

  • I added a small tutorial to the github to help you get started.

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    i already have an idea : for kotl, a toggle ability that allows you to toggle day and night

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    btw it says in your description that there is no need to fork, u can create a new branch, and that u need to get contributor status by requistign this, how do i request this?

    i've used github for school, but i only used it trough the command line

    my github name is jeltedeproft

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    lol the kotl nightstalker combo: pick kotl, toggle to night, ezmode

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    im gna call him the lightswitcher

  • You are contributor now fallia.

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    awesome!, thanks dude

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    hmm are u certain? because it still says contributors 3 and im not in the list, maybe it just takes some time?

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    Its still awaiting your reponse:

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    of course, how silly of me

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    today i noticed in hammer that there is osmething wrong with the kobold overlord model, is this just me or does anyone else have this?

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    hmm i have a question, is it my job to correct merging errors? while i was creating this hero u did 3 more commits i think,

    do i have to pull them first and then create a new pull request?

  • I can fix conflicts

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    is this the only way u are recruiting modders? can we mod multiple heroees? is it ok if we add custom models as well? bc i've been dying to learn that

    there are like 5-6 modders at this point, its gonna take a while till we reach all 112 heroes right?

    what are your thoughts on this?

  • Yeah you can add more heros, there is at least 1 problem with the current one tho, I've posted a comment on your pull request, the ultimate doesnt seem to work. I also made some small improvements, like removing the amount of visible modifiers for the ambulance ability (3 is too many for 1 ability), and adding some color variation to the different modes (to make the buffs give some information) and adding text to release illumantie and modifiers, I know lots of mods forget to add text to modifiers, but we should try to remeber too, as it makes the mod look amateur if there is ability/modifiers without text. But yeah, feel free to add another hero or use different models, we will probably release when we have 30 heros, but remeber, you can focus on improving heros you have already made, there really is no limit to the amount of polish and thought you can add to heros, for example, you could add more abilities to keeper of the light.

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    alright, sorry for my amateurism :D, i tend to get impatient when a hero is "finished". i'll look into the ultimate and take another look at the hero and see in which ways i can improve it, thanks for the advice

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    I have a hero idea with unique abilities. But in order to work properly it needs OrderFilter and DamageFilter. Is it a problem if I submit a hero that uses this filters?

  • add me in

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    nice, some more people joining :D

  • No thats not a problem Darkonius