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Guess I'll start a thread of little bits to show off for the next map of the rpg series.

Spent way too long on this last night.

When I got it to this point I was crazy stoked about how nice it turned out. Only to realize this is going to be such a small effect that players may hardly notice.

This ice barricade exists until you defeat the boss in that room. Then once defeated, this explodes and you can proceed to the next part of the dungeon.



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    Well, since we can't seem to get a decent image of a model into a panel I've wasted several hours trying to rig it, even with DoctorGester's help. I tried a bunch of things including creating standard scene panels with a unit value, and custom scene panels with background vmaps, but with just the three models I was testing with, there was a very poor ability to accurately show the unit that killed you.

    So, for the target frame, we're just going to go with level, name, and health.

    Next step is to put a targeting particle around the currently selected entity. Then figure out how to intercept ability presses to use the currently targeted unit become the target for point target spells.

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    You could manually make an image portrait for each enemy in the model viewer\photoshop. Would probably work pretty well the way you have it setup; just replace the red skull.

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    Hey there, I realy enjoy rpg maps and this one seems like a quality work from some experienced modder. Is it single player though or ORPG type of map?

    I also want to ask how good is Dota 2 tools compared to SC2 editor. i appologize for a little bit off-topic but i hadn't realy seen much complex custom abilities in dota 2 maps, most of them using just a bit tweaked default skills, and the visuals are pretty poor.

    Is there any equivalent of Actors in d2 tools (objects which can control (move, scale, attach, etc) assets like particle effects or beams)?

    The build time in hammer is kind of joke compared to "Test Document" in sc2 editor, or am i missing something?

    I apologize for asking these questions here just would like to hear some feedback from experience user.

    1. Can't compare to SC2 editor since I never used it but for me it looks way less complicated than SC2 datadriven system. In fact dota doesn't even have an editor by itself like wc3 or sc2 did, I'll go into details below. Also Lua is a way better choice than galaxy.

    2. Particles have control points which can affect stuff like scaling or color or whatever and you can set them from scripts.

    3. You don't need to build the map each time you want to run it. In fact you don't even need to restart it each time you want to update your scripts. Building is required only if you do direct terrain changes. You don't need to have hammer open at all to work, most of us don't. To launch your game you can open vconsole and use "dota_launch_custom_game game_name map_name". To reload scripts on the fly you can use "script_reload" (only applies to lua files).

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    DG basically covered it. ;)

    Here's what I'm mucking around with today. It's difficult to see here, but essentially I've targeted the gnoll, then this is just a keypress to fire my skill rather than having to click the gnoll every time.

    This is actually quite difficult because spells are typically either no target, unit target, or point target. But, since this is going to be an MMO type game (oRPG with 1-3 players) I want to focus more on spell rotations than clicking the right target.

    So this is currently following a pattern I found on github for the project-arena mod, which is to dynamically change the GetBehavior based on whether the spell is casting and whether a target is selected.

    I've attempted several other things that have not worked so well. I tried casting the skill from javascript, which sure casting the skill works, but then it leaves the UI in the target phase of the skill with the range indicator. I then tried setting the skill to no target, and manually doing the range checks and setting the character to face the target. But, SetForwardVector was instant, and didn't turn nicely like this does. This seems to be a pretty decent solution. I'm not terribly happy about using a nettable to transmit the target to the ability script, but that might be the only way.

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    what abilities are you planning for strong enemies/bosses and how many? Do you have any visualy apealing skills to show off :pogchamp: ? What is the scale of this project (number of bosses/dungeons, skills per boss, number of playable characters, etc)?

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    I made a short mod with two boss fights to give some ideas of how mechanics may work: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=857890616

    Both bosses need more health, but you can probably get an idea of how things might work.

    I don't like excessive visuals. The concept for this one is a longer quest line, and a single repeatable dungeon with 3 bosses.

    I am not planning to have overly crazy particles. I really enjoy the mechanics.

    I published a "Rpg introduction" map as a proof of concept just to get something out the door. Again, for this map, I keep trying to refocus and keep the scale to a sane volume of work, then iterate on it. If things go well, I'll make another one with more dungeons, but trying to start small and build up.

    I can't say how many characters will be available since that'll possibly change as it's implemented if there are any major issues. But, on the drawing board is 6 characters.

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    Quick before and after picture of the river that divides the starting area from the other zone.



    I wanted to add the waterfall model, but I couldn't figure out how to line up the cascading splashes with rocks. So I pulled open the Dota 2 map, and they don't even line it up perfectly. So I guess this is good! Looks much better.

    Not quite sure what I'm going to do with the rest of the map boundary yet since I'd rather not import a fourth tileset just for the edge pieces, but it might be the cleanest way to go. We'll see.

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    It's not perfect, but I think it's good enough for version 1.0 release.

    I'm super happy with how this turned out. Eventually there will be a dialog prompt to let you travel to any of the expected 5 waypoints.

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    Looks realy cool, i like it alot, keep posting gifs as you progress :pogchamp:

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    woow this is amazing, looks really beautifull

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    Thanks guys. :)

    I don't have much to "show" for Sunday, since I spent most of the day coding ability wrappers. But, I moved the snow transition a little further up. I like how it turned out.

    Summer/Snow transition

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    Wow, that travel gif is really cool! Keep up the good work, can't wait to see it when its done.

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    Finally getting into some decent ability + particle work. Starting to come along. Happy with these so far.

    Shows a couple of the skills the ranger will have: - Normal attack - explosive shot AOE (to gain an explosion below) - poison shot DOT - ice arrow Slow - strong shot Damage - concussive shot Interrupt/Stun

    Starting to get fun. The gleeful noise that I emitted when all of the sheep died in one shot was probably uncharacteristic, but definitely called for.

    I've implemented the modifiers. (Thanks israeli cowboys for the example modifier.)

    Poison does a damage over time. Frost arrow slows. Concussive shot stuns for a couple seconds. AOE damages everything around it. And strong shot is just a filler.

    There will be longer cooldowns, but I've enjoyed getting into the abilities. I know many folks usually start with abilities. But, I wanted to get some other proof of concept done first. ;)

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    Damn you've been putting in work :O

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    I love the waypoint !!

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    Working on finishing out the map design today. Here are a couple shots of the transition points. Funny thing about so many parts of design is how much time we spend on things that might never be seen, or are likely to be noticed and brushed past. But, the quality transition avoids a jarring experience. Anyways, without further ado.

    Step 1

    Didn't take a picture of the blocks on the ground, but I threw down one of each of the generic cliff models.

    Step 2

    Once I got all of the items into position, I simply selected all of them and applied a color and presto!

    Step 3

    This was all for the left edge of the map. So it's hardly noticeable, but here it is.

    Step 4

    A little later on I realized there was another side to the dire/radiant transition. So I just copy/pasted that entire block, swapped the sides of the plants, and boom. Transition two in just a few seconds.

    Pushing hard to get the map terrain design completed today.

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    Ignore the immobile spiders. The spider in the tree sure spooks me out lol.

    Angry Bear...

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    WIP Pick Screen

    Created my own particle. Followed DoctorGester's Tutorial...

    Got stuck on invoker because he wouldn't drop his original wearables.

    But, finally got it to a place where I'm quite happy.

    Major props to DoctorGester for both his tutorial https://moddota.com/forums/discussion/1399/panorama-custom-dotascenepanel/p1 but also his Crumbling Island Arena examples of Undying and attaching cosmetics using prop dynamic hierarchies. Couldn't do it without him.

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    damn son, impressive work, looks amazing!

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    I like some gifs (I think are), and I think if have the quality of the gifs I like, depending on this custom mode, I think it's going to be fun and good players base, trying no to depending on abandoning the custom mode so soon, when have little to do playing...

    No bad intention, but I think you were inspired by WoW (World of Warcraft). I wish new gifs of good quality, future publishing, if is good custom mode, success (you and other people having fun, good base of players, etc).

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    Napoqe, yes quite inspired by World of Warcraft. Thanks.

    I'm working on some talents then I may make a beta available.

    Edit: Adding gfy of some work on sorcerer spells. (Inflict Pain, Disease, Cursed Flames, Mind Blast, and standard attack.)

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    Released two out of six sections of the map for play testing. Consider it early alpha though. Feedback welcome: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=892190639

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    Work in progress!

    Heh, working on my own containers implementation. (Thanks, cough, arhowk, cough, doctorgester for the persuasion.)

    It's coming along, but it's been rocky. :) Just got drag and drop semi-working, obviously it leaves behind the rarity, but I'll clean that up. Then I need to apply the modifiers, but getting closer.

    Edit: And slot restrictions.

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    I played a match on the alpha, for me, not for fun. But not so much, I saw resources interesting. And I think it's already more advanced, the custom mode of the developer. I think there is no reason for me to require it, I think that it have invested financially in that custom mode, which I think will be most free to play. I believe that this go be good custom mod.

    Suggestion for custom mode:

    • Custom keys for screen of inventories and equipment.
    • Portals of teleportation to city closer, however with high value and low chance of drop (have utility waypoints).
    • Warrior has another system, which does not use mana.
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    I just released an update where inventory and equipment is combined, and you'll notice the "N" hotkey labelled on the button near the bottom. Thanks for that suggestion.

    I don't completely understand the teleportation suggestion. There are 6 main areas on the map, and each will have a teleport. I will eventually make a dialog box to pick the destination. Are you suggesting a hotkey to drop out of teleport along the way? Hmm...

    Aye, I agree with the non-mana warrior system, like rage or combo points.

    Thanks Napoqe!

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    No, similar to the rolled paper of Path of Exile. That when it is used, it creates one portal, that if enters, it is teleported to a city. But instead of available, to go and back. The portal can only enter once. After that it disappears. So if have, you will have an item that depends on that can save the life of the character, and without taking utility of waypoints.

    Will have? If have, what will be the penalty if the character dies? Is it possible to do an Auction House (not have issues with copies, etc.) in Dota 2 custom mod? You put it in custom mode?

    No more questions (not to be boring), unless developer allows more, and authorities here (in that forum).

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    Ah, that rolled paper/teleport town with the ability to go back is a great idea. Thanks! I will write it down, but may be a month before I can get to it.

    I've considered auction house, I think it's technologically feasible, but we will have to see how things go.

    I don't have any penalty plans for character death yet.

    I appreciate your questions and suggestions. Ask away. =)

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    Now that this is released, it's easier to just publish the new map than to remember to share clips here. :D Anyways, I'm working on the debuff bar. It's a little harder than expected. But I'm making progress.

    Obviously in this clip I still need to:

    1. Not show hidden modifiers (the one without a texture is the animation modifier.)
    2. Show a countdown timer.
    3. Show stacks.

    But, it's more than half way done. Woot.

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    Our adventurers preparing to enter the next zone.