Project: RPG Components - Introduction

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Project: RPG Components - Introduction

Hi folks!

I've been working on this pretty solid for the last couple weeks. I've gotten it to a place where I would appreciate some feedback.

While it took me over a hundred hours hours to put together, it should only take 10-15 minutes of your time.

What is it:

  • Conceptual RPG Custom Map.
  • Currently only single-player, but eventual aim is 1-3 players.
  • Five quests in a chain. Roughly two quest areas, with two slightly harder mobs. (Worg and Bear.)
  • Two character options, melee and ranged caster. Minimal non-unique ability set.
  • Levels 1 - 10, play time roughly 10-15 minutes.

What I would like to know:

  • How did the gameplay feel? Did you get the right items at the right time to help complete the next quest?
  • Did you get the right amount of experience to level up as you were working through the quests.
  • Did anything get in the way of gameplay?
  • Any bugs that you noticed?
  • Did you feel like you progressed in strength throughout the campaign? Were you too weak? Too strong?

Things that I know need work:

  • Content is lacking/minimal. Items are not creative. Abilities are simplistic and default.
  • Quest turn in does not display a turn in dialog. (This will be added later.)
  • Left clicking units loses focus on your hero. I'll be adding a target unit frame at some point.
  • Inventory management is lacking. I plan to make a proper character profile and equipment panel. Restricting item types. (Only one sword, one chest armor, one amulet, etc.)

Edit: Fixed the right-click bug. Thanks Dreoh!

The idea here was to get a very simple map out the door for play testing, while the core foundation of the code can be extended. A majority of the time and work went into the code base, so as it is currently could fairly easily be extended to a much larger map.

I appreciate any and all feedback, complements or criticisms.




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    It's definitely the start of something great!

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    I played as a Mage.

    1) Gameplay is nice. I did get a lot of items. There is a bug with items, they can be stuck in a cliff or something unpathable and you can't pick them up.

    2) I got the levels 9 and 10 when I killed some of savage beasts. So its the right amount of experience.

    3) I noticed that wolves, savage beasts and a bear has a lot of hp regeneration when they lose aggro. I barely killed a bear (no pun intended). For a melee character this is probably not a problem but for a ranged it is. You can't stay in the back and hit safely, you can't kite etc. Only way for a ranged character to kill the bear is to get in his face and hit him with everything until it dies. I had to grind stat items (amulets) to tank the bear.

    4) So the bugs I noticed are: items getting stuck and insane hp regen of mobs when they don't attack.

    5) Progress in strength is fine I think.

    Other stuff that was bothering me:

    • There are no numbers for HP and Mana when you hover over bubbles or over the bar in top left.

    • Text size of quests is kinda small.

    • (Re)spawn rate of mobs is kinda short. I suggest you increase respawn time or despawn sheep and wolves when you finish the quest.

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    Thanks Darkonius.

    1) Got it. Will fix. (Need to figure out navgrid.)

    2) Great, thanks.

    3) Aye, two different design mechanics here: - Don't allow creature to be chain-kited (kite, leash return to spawn, pull, return to spawn, pull, etc.) Hence the quick regen. - Small map, small space, beasts+bear cross-aggro'd. Thus reduced leash.

    I think this will be resolved with a larger map. I forced myself to use a 16x16 in order to get a polished map to release, and I have been hesitant to make the map larger. However, now that it is released, I think I can bump the size up to 16x24 or something, and add a little more room for the bear so that I can increase the leash range, and you can kite a little more.

    The idea is that I don't want kiting with the leash. If I can increase the leash to 2000 units, and you kite in a circle, or within the fight area, that's fine. I think you get the point. :)

    5) Numbers - Agreed, and noted. Will fix. Quest Font - You mean on the dialog, or in the quest progress window? Both probably need attention. Spawn Rate of wolves/sheep. Hm, the sheep I think is a little tricky, as I've had players that ran out of sheep and had to sit around for a few. I'll see about scaling it back. Wolves, I think this might be a space thing again, when I play through and need to kill 8 wolves, I often run out of wolves and have to wait for some to respawn. I think if I increase the map size to the 16x24 I can also bump the wolves northeast a little bit, so that you can travel from the quest npc to the beasts without aggroing wolves, then the respawn won't be as big of a deal.

    Excellent feedback though, much appreciated. I'll work on it.