Setting Radius of a particle in Lua

I have an effect whose radius is not controlled by control points (only has one control point which affects its position) but its radius properly scales in the Particle Editor when adjusting the radius slider. I think I need to create this particle in Lua as it is intended to only be visible by the using player. How can I expand its radius in Lua?


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    Not every particle has an exposed radius control point, but you can make one by editing the particle, usually by adding a Remap control point to scalar as the Initializer


    After that you can use the control point to set the radius in Lua or datadriven ControlPoints

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  • I'm trying to resize Kunkka's Torrent at the moment, but it appears to be a little more complicated when the particle only consists out of a lot of children. Does someone know an easier way scaling particles in lua? I'm especially wondering since with Kunkka's 25-talent the area an therefore the particle size ingame changes, but yet there is no extra .vpcf file for the bigger one.