No more PreGame UI and 7.00 clarifications

Hello everyone, I recently restarted to develop my mod and I just discovered that 7.00 just changed a lot in dota tools... I some problems I wish you could help with:

1) KV error on special abilities types: I get lot of errors like:

Unsupported special ability type in pudge_flesh_heap(02)!

I get those errors with abilities and items I overrode the values. However I just checked some barebones and libraries and the type_var values are the same!

2) CSS: Did they changed css rules? I already changed the align proprieties with horizontal-align but I get errors also for: flow-children and text-align.

3) This one is really strange... In every mod I create the "pregame Interface" (the one with loading screen, team selection and 'lock and start' button) doesn't show up! This happens since the last 'dark moon' update. I really don't get it.

Any ideas? Thank you and sorry for the many questions but I didn't want to just spam one question every day in the forum :D