Model Importing Question after 7.0

Sorry for my strange problem.

I used to follow this guide (thanks to @kritth ) and it works perfectly until 7.0.

I was good at making war3 models, so i did these:

1) Make a _.mdx model.

2) Open 3dsmax to convert this model to two _.fbx models, one with animation and the other without.

3) Use Workshop Tools to import the model and add animations as the guide above indicates.

But after 7.0,

1) The models imported before 7.0 STILL works well in both tools and games. BUT if I make ANY modification (such as modifying the hitbox or adding an attachment), the model breaks and twists uglily.

2) The models imported after 7.0 just breaks and twists if i add animations to it.

Did anyone meet the same problem?

Or I'd like to know how to import the custom models properly now. Any response will be appreciated.


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    @Sasayoi Try using smd or dmx file formats, most animations will be broken when you convert them into fbx, due to fbx sometimes broke model and animations! (As far as i'm know it, in Source 2 and Dota 2 Model Editor) Or it can be, because of using 3ds Max fbx exporter, try using Blender or Maya instead! I'm not tested it myself, so it also can not fix the problem!

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    @Wyrm Big thanks. I'll try Blender first.

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    Luckily, it seems that Valve has fixed this problem through the latest updating today.