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My thread for posting Updates to Worldsmith

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  • I'm rewriting the Action Editor to be a node based editor

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    Nice! Can't wait to see some of the complex SpellLibrary skills being loaded in there, is gonna look quite crazy :pogchamp:

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  • I have fixed a problem with the general layouting of nodes being incorrect. They look great now:

    щ(゚Д゚щ)there are no heroes left in man

  • Looks good.

  • Wrote some code and generated some scripts for Events. They now have pins for specific presets and will soon respect the Target flag on the ability.

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  • The Target pins are now connected by default. Noya was a huge help with this code.

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    I updated Worldsmith with Penguinwizzard's kv parser. loading objects is MUCH faster now.

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    Major update to the Graph editor. I've got proper data handling in the back end (yay!)


    produces this output:

            "Target"    "CASTER"
            "ModifierName"    "modifier_channel_start"
             "Target"   "CASTER"

    Where ModifierName was already in the ability.

    There are still a few things left to do:

    • An asset selector. This is used to play add in the fields for Sounds, Particles, Models, etc. This will be a bit of a rabbit hole, but it needs to be done.
    • Creation of AbilitySpecial 'variables'. Right now it can read them from the Ability, but it cannot create new ones.
    • Custom Target node. Creating a Target key with children is not possible right now. I'll probably make it a node you can connect into a Target input connection.
    • Make the number pins not ass. If they are unconnected, you should be able to manually enter numbers. Right now it's pretty ugly and bad.

    I still don't recommend actually using it yet, as I've noticed a few cases were broken or no output is produced (namely with variables).

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  • This looks so good that perhaps one day even I will be able to make a mod :)

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    I will get on IRC to get help, but any chance of an instruction manual? I can't seem to change any properties, let alone start constructing abilities for custom items. When using different base items, the properties stay the same. Is a base item just the icon?

    I realize that what I need to know about ability events and such is either Lua or in the tutorial section on ModDota, but the tutorial section isn't enough for a beginner like me. I work in laboratory settings where the wording of documentation is important. Your tool will eventually reach non-coders like me, so I would be happy to help write in-depth documentation if it's remotely feasible! The downside is that I will need everything explained to me, but the upside is that two eyes are better than one.