Update to 7.00 Difficulties - Game Crashes on Level Up, Ability Gained; No Items in Shop

Hey guys,

So my custom game has encountered multiple game-crashing errors. I'm probably just ignorant, but I have no idea how to read the crash logs or anything to see what is wrong with my custom game, where the problem was, or anything more except what causes the crashing. So one smallish problem is that my shop no longer displays any items at all, except the home shop, which still displays the default dota 2 "popular items" and the starting type items. However, I can still search for my custom items. Is there something I needed to change in the shop files? This problem could be overlooked temporarily though - the main problem is that whenever any hero learns an ability or levels up, the game experiences a fatal error and crashes to desktop. If anyone has any advice on how to either read the error reports or how to fix the problems, that would be much appreciated.

(Also, I can't look at other people's github for some reason? It brings me to a 404 error page, I would love to be able to see how other people have updated their custom games to 7.00)



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    Are you using BMD's barebones or not? We can't know whats the issue until we see your errors in console or your lua code in .lua files. I don't know what problems are you having with github. Try this one for instance: DotaClassicOpenSource

    The issue with items is tied to shops.txt and to itembuilds unless you are using custom-made shop or something else.

    Your shops.txt should be in: game/dota_addons/your_addon/scripts/shops.txt

    Example You put your custom items there ("item" "custom_item") and they become visible in the main shop.

    You can also put custom items in default itembuilds. For example, for Abaddon is default_abaddon.txt - this and you put it in: game/dota_addons/your_addon/itembuilds/default_abaddon.txt

    And what IDs are you using for your custom items?

  • @Darkonius Thanks my shops.txt was placed in a folder inside scripts, which used to work for some reason, placing it there fixed the problem.

    So I found the problem: a reference to "attribute_bonus", which crashed the game apparently. Strange, because my heroes no longer have that ability, but checking to see if they have that ability still crashes Dota. No idea why.