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Manage multiple git hosted dota2 addons with less pain

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npm i -g dota2-addon-manager


$ d2am
  list           List all available addons
  link [name]    Iterate over all addons and ensure their symlinks are setup
  create <name>  Create directory stub for an addon with a given name

  --dir, -d   "dota 2 beta" folder.                               [default: "."]
  -h, --help  Show help                                                [boolean]

$ d2am link
checking symbolic links for aaa

 * aaa content must be linked
 * aaa content backing up old directory to aaa.old
checking symbolic links for test-arena

 * test-arena game must be linked
 * test-arena game has not been created in the dota tools yet. Creating it for you!
 * If you somehow destroy the temporary link, just run "d2am link" to recreate them


d2am list List all available addons from the addon directory.

d2am link [name] Check the symlinks for an addon or for all addons if name is not specified. If the destination directory already exists and the source is empty, the existing files will be copied in. Otherwise, the existing directory will be renamed ending in .old.

d2am create Create the skeleton for name inside the addons directory. This will automatically run d2am link for this mod, following all of it's normal behavior.

Definition File

The links are also configurable unsing a very simply json structure. This is the default definition.json file:

{ "game": "game/dota_addons/{ADDON_NAME}/", "content": "content/dota_addons/{ADDON_NAME}/" } Each key is a directory relative to the addon's root directory, and each value is the destination link relative to the base directory. The string {ADDON_NAME} is replaced with the name of the addon being linked.


npm run test



Darklord note: This was not created by me, and I can't vouch for how useful it is, or if its working, direct questions to @chrisinajar on discord: or here